Reproducing the Surgical Gold Standard

The Millipede IRIS Transcatheter Annuloplasty Ring

The IRIS is a complete semi-rigid annuloplasty ring designed to replicate the gold standard in surgical heart valve repair – a complete annuloplasty ring. The IRIS reduces the valve annulus enabling return of leaflet coaptation and reduction of regurgitation.

IRIS transcatheter annuloplasty ringe

    Surgical Annuloplasty Ring    

IRIS transcatheter annuloplasty ring

IRIS Transcatheter Annuloplasty Ring

IRIS transcatheter annuloplasty ring

Implanted IRIS

A Transcatheter Approach

The IRIS transcatheter annuloplasty ring is placed via a trans-femoral venous approach. The femoral vein is accessed and a delivery catheter is advanced into the right atrium for tricuspid valve repair or to the left atrium through the fossa ovalis via a trans-septal approach for mitral valve repair. The delivery catheter places the device supra-annularly and the ring is then anchored and cinched reducing annular size and valvular regurgitation.

Early clinical results have demonstrated the ability to reduce the annular size by as much as 50 percent providing customization for each patient.

IRIS Transcatheter Annuloplasty Ring Benefits

The Millipede IRIS transcatheter annuloplasty ring offers the following important benefits:

  • A complete semi-rigid ring consistent with the surgical standard of care
  • Placement in the supra-annular position via a trans-septal approach, avoiding impact to the left-ventricular outflow tract and critical for patients with FMR and diseased ventricles
  • Repositionable and adjustable optimizing annular reduction for each patient
  • Requires minimal anti-coagulation minimizing bleeding risk
  • Preserves the native anatomy supporting concomitant repair and preserving options open for future treatments

Product Components

The IRIS implant consists of three components: a frame, anchors and collars. The frame is made of nitinol and is formed into a ring, anchors engage the annular tissue, and the collars reduce the diameter of the frame to achieve proper valve leaflet coaptation.

Caution: The IRIS transcatheter annuloplasty ring from Millipede is investigational and not available for commercial use.