Clinical Activities Meet Development Goals

Millipede completed the initial evaluation of the IRIS annuloplasty ring with temporary implants. The goal of these procedures was to measure annular reduction, immediate mitral regurgitation improvement and tolerance to the implant. All study goals were achieved with no adverse events.

Millipede additionally completed permanent implants of its IRIS annuloplasty ring in the second series of patients. The clinical goals of these permanent implants were met including; significant acute and chronic annular reduction, acute and chronic mitral and tricuspid regurgitation reduction and long term mitral and tricuspid tolerance of the annular ring implant. These patients were reviewed at 1, 3, 6 and 12 months.

The latest clinical milestone for Millipede has been completed by catheter delivery via femoral access and a trans-septal crossing into the left atrium (link to news release). This now makes the procedure truly a percutaneous delivery of a complete annulopasty ring to reduce and stabilize the mitral annulus. The patients treated were released within 48 hours of the procedure. This unique product is the only adjustable, retrievable and complete annuloplasty ring delivered via a transfemoral approach.